The Power of Yes!


What if you could transform your life with just one word?

What if you could transform your ability to train your dog with just one word?


This may seem far-fetched, but I am telling you this little word has big results. Both in training & communicating with your dog, and in your own life. Bringing forth more smiles and more wags, which ultimately brings forth more joy for everyone.

The power of “Yes!” came into my life through dog training. After numerous years training & working with my dog in search & rescue, I decided I wanted to learn a new style of training. I love the opportunity to learn new things, tackle new challenges, and grow!  What I found has not only transformed how I train dogs, but has seeped into my daily life and has shifted my entire perspective…of everything.

Who/What I found was Micheal Ellis & Reward-Based Training. The foundation of this training style lies in using verbal markers, both a positive and a negative marker, to “mark” the behaviour you either want or don’t want. Thus creating 4 very important “C’s” in dog training. Clear, concise, consistent communication. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to communicate with all the loved ones in our lives in this manner. But that could be another topic of discussion altogether.

We use our positive marker, most commonly “yes”, to capture the desired behaviour’s of our dog at that precise moment they do what we want and then we reward the dog with either a treat or a toy. This lets the dog know exactly what behaviour they did to get that reward, and reinforces them to give us that behaviour in the future.

After losing my best friend and partner of 6 years, Griffin, I brought a new dog into my life, Goose. I started training him at 8 weeks old with reward-based training, and the difference is incredible and far surpasses what I could have expected. He has far surpassed his predecessor, for his age. At only 12 months old I have validated him in 2 search & rescue profiles (Wilderness search & Avalanche Rescue). Besides how it has excelled our search work, it has changed everything in our daily lives. Everything is easy with him. The difference is our communication system. The difference is Yes!

So how does this relate to our own lives?

As I was in the process of learning this style of training, I heard a song on the radio that made me laugh. LMFAO’s song “Yes” Although somewhat distasteful, the concept of the song grabbed me. He is essentially “marking” all the great moments in his day; with a “Yes!” nonetheless. Ha-ha…brilliant! Check it out.

What would it be like if we “marked” all the beautiful, positive moments of our day?

Could it transform your life?

I am going to put money on Yes!

I have infused this simple little word into my day, and I now focus on finding the Yes! moments and putting less time and energy on the negative moments. I find that when you open your eyes to the Yes! moments, you no longer see as many No! moments. You start to smile as much as your dog wags his tail…and that’s a lot. You shift your perspective on everything and you see more joy in your day. What could be better than that?

Will you join Goose & I in marking all the Yes! moments in your day?

I challenge anyone who reads this to try a Yes! week. You can choose any word or phrase that tickles your fancy. (Yes!, Awesome!, Hell Ya!, etc.) In all aspects of your life, from marking your own happy moments, to marking positive moments with your children, your spouse, your friends, and your dog. Make a conscious effort to mark all the awesomeness in your day & all the awesome moments you share with loved ones.

It just may transform your life too!

” To a dog there is no time, there is just now; may we also live each day here & now”


Love to hear you thoughts on this post:



5 thoughts on “The Power of Yes!

  1. LIsa
    I have these great memories of you as a toddler crawling over the great danes and retrievers your mom had. You owe those dogs much!
    Having know you for so long I shake my head to think of you so mature and all “growed up” and able to write well and so eloquently.
    I continue to be a proud fan. Keep it up!!

  2. Great post Lisa! I got my “yes” word from Deepak Chopra. When I am noticing a beautiful moment, I say the words, “This is love” and it deepens the experience in a powerful way. Love the writing – how to get after it girl!

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