What has your dog taught you?

There are countless invaluable life lessons that I have learned and continue to learn from my dog daily, many of which will be infused into this blog over time.

I know what I have learned, but I am curious to know what you have learned. I have begun asking this question to different dog owners, and now I am asking you:

What is the most valuable thing your dog has taught you about life???

I would like to share my cousin’s beautiful answer to this question. I am sure most of you have experienced the loss of a best friend that resonates with her words. It took me a box of kleenex to read it, and for her to write it.

“Life never gives us more than we can handle; you will almost always
have to let go of something to grow and change and take on new challenges”
-Amanda Lovenuik-

Stoney (1999-2012)
You will always be in my heart

“The most important and empowering thing that I learned from Stoney and our time together is letting go”

“I wasn’t ready for her to go and now almost two years later I still miss her so much it consumes me. However, when I reflect on my new situation, I realize I couldn’t have had her and my son Ryder together. It would not have been healthy, happy or easy for either of us. She was too attached to me and me alone, and I was the same with her, though I also felt that connection right away with Ryder. Stoney would have been cast aside and her needs would have now been secondary to those of someone elses. No matter how much I would have not wanted this to be true, no matter how unintentional and how much I would have tried to be different, I am quite sure that is what would have happened.”

“I remember her last two days so vividly they could have been last week. I remember how she seemed so tired and didn’t really want to play fetch very much. I remember that night, how she was whining in her sleep and I couldn’t wake her up. I thought I had lost her right then, when I picked up her head and she was just limp. But she was still with me, she opened her eyes, licked my hand and I cuddled her and cuddled her. And then she just kept getting sicker and sicker. I remember the next day when she rolled over and lay in my lap, and looked up at me. I knew exactly what she was telling me, I was going to lose her and that she was sorry to leave me alone with my baby coming any day. But I think she also knew it was time and it was better for all of us this way. I think she tried to let me know that it was best this way, but I was blind to it at the time.”

“I said my goodbye, I told her I loved her and that she would always be in my heart. Even now I am still trying to let her go and move on, move forward to the next stages in my life. It’s a complicated and difficult process, and I know it will take a lot of time to truly let go and make peace with the loss of my girl who was and is still so much of my soul. That was her lesson, and her legacy for me.”

Amanda’s journey continues on her new path in life with her son Ryder and her new pup Sky. Sky and Amanda are training to be a Search & Rescue Dog Team with Revelstoke Canine Search & Rescue & BC Search Dog Association.

Ryder, Amanda & Sky

Ryder, Amanda & Sky

A big thank you to Amanda for opening up and sharing your experiences of love, loss and learning from your best friend…at your side.

I would love to hear from all of you on this topic. Please submit your answer below or alternatively email it to:



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