I have had dogs in my life since I can remember. I started working with and training dogs professionally about 8 years ago. I have loved and connected with all the dogs in my life over the years, however, it wasn’t until I got involved with K9 Search & Rescue in BC through the BC Search Dog Association & the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association that my understanding of dogs and my connection with my dog deepened. It inspired me to learn & grow and has ultimately changed my life forever. I am now on my second working dog and my journey continues and I continue to learn, laugh and love daily with man’s best friend.

What I have come to believe through my experiences with my dogs is that many of the answers on how to live a happy, vibrant, present life are right at your side. If you look down to see them. What could be better than having your best friend also be your greatest teacher?!

This blog is dedicated to sharing with others how I have learned through my dogs, to not only overcome life’s many challenges in a more healthy, positive manner, but also be more mindful and  truly appreciate all the great moments that life gives us daily.

I believe there is a greater purpose for having a dog in your life, whether a working dog or just your pet; that being to help us find our way.

Everything I have wanted to find in my life: unconditional love, acceptance for what is, joy, unconditional loyalty, honesty, fulfillment, self-love, living in this moment; I have found through my journey’s with man’s best friend and greatest teacher.

I hope in passing along what I have come to find as an amazing  asset in helping me shift my perspective to overcome the many challenges we face in our lives, that you too can connect with these ideas and concepts and they help change your world as they have changed mine.

I hope your dog helps show you the way to living life beautifully, here & now.

My success will be if  what I write  resonates within you, deepens your appreciation and the bond you share with your dog, and brings more joy and happiness into your life.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Lisa Weber



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